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Caleb's Corner

Job 8:21 - "He will fill thy mouth with laughing and lips with rejoicing". I want to encourage people to believe God's Word through songwriting and singing! Let's take my family for instance: I remind Tim of what, I think, are encouraging Bible verses like "the elder shall serve the younger", but his responses to my scripture choice lead me to wonder if he believes the WHOLE bible. Many artists today add their own special touch to old songs to freshen them up. I put a songwriter's twist on an old childhood favorite that I dedicated to my dad called "He's still working on Thee". But will you find that gift on any of his CDs? Noooooooo. My sweet mother and I are on the same page though. I tell her she is a Proverbs 31 lady and "her children arise up and call her blessed".... I guess it's like Jesus said, "a prophet is not accepted by his own".

Kidding aside, I truly love singing and songwriting. I consider it and honor and I feel very blessed to join with my family in using what gifts we have to serve the Lord. So many people are touched by the words of an anointed song and feel the change it brings. Music can soothe and heal broken hearts and lost souls. Our hope is that when your in a tough trial, that you can put on one of these cds, that we believe God has inspired us to write, and find the faith to know that God will always Make your Trial a Blessing. Great job as always angel child...!!!!

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